Find the right trade script is one of the most important elements for building a successful site. You need a software with a powerful trade algorithm but an easy to use interface. You need to be able to target specific niches and keywords without any hassle. Our script provides all that and has been tested on several big sites.

Professional version - $130 (bulk discount)
Basic version - 1% of clicks

Regular price. Bulk discounts!
1-5 copies - $195 each
5-10 copies - $699 + $150 next ones
10-20 copies - $1200 + $130 next ones
More than 20 - contact for special deals!


We designed a successful and strong trade algorithm

The trade algorithm was worked on for hundreds of hours to ensure the best results. It's flawlessly designed and has been tested on several large sites that are seeing amazing growth. The results prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that this script works wonders.

Our script is easy to use with a customizable interface

The other element we worked hard on was building an easy to use interface. You shouldn't be confused when trying to organize and administer your trades. The script is easy to use and it can be customized to suit your needs and your visual desires. Simple is the key!

Niche trades are now possible thanks to our software

You want to be able to send niche traffic to the proper place and until now that's been difficult without multiple trade scripts or painful customizations. We spent a great deal of time making them possible and now niche trade as easy as pie! Our script covers everything you need.

You have access to a wealth of useful statistics

Statistics are important for building your site into a true traffic powerhouse. That's why we've made sure that you get data on just about everything. You'll see the keywords that generate traffic for your site, search engine hits and so much more. The presentation is clear and concise.

Screenshots and demo

We designed a modern and easy to use layout. Take a look.


Crystal Trader, v.1.1.12, status - released(07 march 2015)
- required parameter for out is optional from now
- updated robots database. Enhanced
- optional hide cookies from robots
- new trader 'hostings'. Acts like 'robots'. You can hide cookies from this trader and exclude it from total stats
- multiple add modified. Domain is not required from now, and forces data added

Crystal Trader, v.1.1.09, status - released
- bugfixes
- forceguard bug fixed
- import from other scripts updated
- trade by country groups

TubeRotator recomended to use:
- high perfomance
- stable
- compatibility

Crystal Trader, v.1.1.08, status - released
- blacklist synchronize to network
- enable/disable trade signup for whole network
- auto check and repair mysql database
- geting alexa rank changed
- thumb toplists
- multiple add trader to network
- mass forces changes for niche sites
- optional 'nocookies' and 'robots' to trade
- bugfixes and small changes
- stop support for php4

Crystal Galleries, v.1.0.05, status - closed
- tube parser added, and tube galleries

Crystal Trader, v.1.1.07, 4 Aug 2011, status - released
- history page modified
- multiupdate (Network)
- new columns in stats tables, Alexa rank, Alexa traffic, last activity
- massedit for feeders
- new fields in massedit
- IP search modified
- customized signup page for new traders
- filters for stats tables!!! check new button in tables header
- permanent domain ban by referer in .htaccess (apache rewrite module)
- minimal alexa rank for new traders(optional)
- upercase letters in url are possible now

15 Aug 2011, Crystal Trader, installation manager v.1.0 released
Console script to manage multiple installations of Crystal Trader.
Mass install and simple update of all your installed copies within the server.
root access is required.

Crystal Trader, v.1.1.06, 15 Jul 2011
- bug fixes

Crystal Trader, v.1.1.05, 17 Jun 2011
- from now you can't run 'cron' as root user
- new system trader - robots(bots, spiders)
- country groups and stats
- network rebuild
- new traders alert for network
- separate page for network stats
- 2 options for new traders(for admin and for traders)
- alexa stats
- new click stats
- new columns in main stats table(%)